Kathleen M. Murphy, LMT CNMT CMTPT
Practicing in Annapolis, Maryland

Philosophy of Practice

Based on my own experiences as a surgical and pain patient, a long-term recipient of various forms of therapeutic massage, and eventually as a student of clinical massage, I've chosen to focus on the most efficient pain-remediating techniques of manual therapy --- especially the evidence-informed and research-literate approaches of Neuromuscular Therapy American Version™, and the Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy pioneered by Drs. Travell and Simons and competently carried forward by clinicians such as Drs. Dommerholt, Gerwin, and Fernández-de-las-Peñas. These co-supportive approaches are based on extensive clinical application and continuing research in human anatomy and physiology, and are actively engaged in the processes of professional dialogue and peer review. I also support quality pain science and research, and believe that an educated client is far better positioned to make sense of their pain, select appropriate therapeutic options, and more fully engage with their healing process. Trigger Point Therapy in particular, with its abundance of published texts and tools, is a reasonably safe and effective modality for self-treatment of myofascial pain ---  which is being studied as a likey precursor of more chronic and centrally-sensitized pain conditions.

"Muscle is an orphan organ. No medical specialty claims it." - David Simons, MD

"The bones are where the muscles and ligaments put them." - Raymond Nimmo, DC

"He who treats the site of pain is lost." - Karel Lewit, MD

"In the simplest terms, it all boils down to the CNS." - Vladimir Janda, MD

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